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Live+421 is more than just products, it is a lifestyle philosophy and a unique guest experience. This is why we don’t deliver just products, we provide our customers with personalized support and training. Contact us (link to email/contact form/contact part of web) to see how our years of experience in Wellness and Hospitality can help your Spa:

Massage Trainings: Signature seasonal protocols developed for our products
Retail Trainings: Spa-team working together to maximize your Boutique revenue
Customer service training: Excellence service to deliver Spa experiences
Cross-selling, Upselling & Synergies so your Hotel & Spa work as one
Benefit programs & incentives for employees through our brand and sells
Audit & Action Plans: identify challenges, set goals and work on the solutions
Wellness Center External Management Program





Massage protocols trainings. Signature therapies created for our products and your guests.

Unique treatment experience
Purposeful combination of essences and techniques
New skills for your therapists


Sales training: spa teamwork for profit maximization.

Personalized guest experience
Spa team dynamics
Meaningful recommendations


Customer service training: high quality service for a great Spa experience.

Excellence from service to approach
Guest journey throughout the Spa experience
Professional communication with a guest


Cross-selling, Upselling and synergies between departments for internal marketing optimization.

Using the strength of internal marketing channels
Opportunities for collaboration between departments
References and mutual motiviation


Benefit and incentive program from live+421 for your employees.

Meaningful Teambuilding activities
Internal and external motivators
Emotional Intelligence trainings

For You

Slovak cosmetic products for you and your home. Take a moment for yourself and indulge your body and mind in seasonal essences from Slovak nature.


Discover the whole family of products created for your body and mind…

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We are here for you… no question is unanswerable and no solution is unattainable. We will happily help with or answer anything you would like to know. Send us an email, give us a call or simply fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.