Plastic Production

Plastic Production

Extraction of Fossil Fuel:

6% of global oil consumption goes to plastic production

Polluting Methods:

Refinement + Cracking previous to plastic production

EU Plastic Demand 2015:

49 million tons of plastic
40% for packaging
Average 31 kg of plastic packaging waste per person & year


European Parliament voted for banning of single-use plastics in the territory by 2021



300 milion tons of plastic produced



Double this number in the next 20 years


of the total plastic waste is single-use plastic


of plastic waste produced between 1950-2015 hasn’t been recycled

Average disintegration time

to biodegrade a plastic bottle is 450 years. This means that all the plastic produced in the world since 1910 still exists and won’t disappear for another 350 years.*

**Source: (NOAA / Woods Hole Sea Grant)

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste


30% is recycled in the EU
9% is recycled in the US
0% is recycled in most of developing countries


8 million tons of plastic waste go annually to our oceans.
Up to 500.000 tons of plastic waste in the EU go to our seas.
By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.


All of this has impact on Climate Change & Human Health


25% of plastic waste is incinerated in open air.

It is a major source of pollution.

CO, CO2, fine particles, black carbon…



All of this has impact on Climate Change & Human Health


79% of plastic waste accumulates in landfills as litter.
Over time, much of it ends up in oceans.
Slow decomposition that pollutes the air.


All of this has impact on Climate Change & Human Health



The only solution is an economic system aimed to eliminate waste and the continual use of resources

Promote Circular Economy

Promote Circular Economy

Because it’s the only economic system that is aimed to eliminate waste and all of us can use products which are not for single use.

Don’t Choose Plastic

Don’t Choose Plastic

Use alternative materials to plastic and change habits. Personal choices will make the difference to reduce plastic waste

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