The best way to fight plastic waste is NOT choosing plastic. This change of habits and personal choices will bring the shift  that our planet needs. At live+421 we want to be part and make you part of this change. Our products, systems and company philosophy aim to become fully sustainable for your home, hotel and spa. The steps that we have taken so far are just the first ones of a path that we want to walk together with our clients. With live+421 you are getting local natural products which come in sustainable packaging that you can reuse, recycle or upcycle.

How are you part of the change when buying live+421?

Glass Bottles
1. Glass as an alternative

On average, the estimated time to biodegrade a plastic bottle is 450 years. This means that all the plastic produced in the world (started around 1910) still exists and won’t disappear for another 350 years. (Source NOAA/Woods Hole Sea Grant)


On the other hand, glass is a sustainable and fully recyclable material that can be recycled in a closed loop over and over again. This material provides great environmental benefits mitigating climate change and saving natural resources.  

Moreover, glass packaging safeguards people’s health and wellbeing thanks to its inert nature. It is among the preferred materials because of its aesthetics and its ability to preserve essences, tastes and other properties of the substances it contains.

You want to take into consideration that packaging materials, which are not glass, and the substances they contain (impurities, traces and additives) may not only impact the stability of the cosmetic product, but directly affect its safety. Some substances can migrate from the packaging to the formulation and vice versa, which can lead to the instability of both.


Any packaging that isn’t inert like glass, starts to “interact” with cosmetic ingredients, becoming a new “ingredient.”

2. Glass as a part of the change

Our Amenities glass bottles are a great way of being part of the change once you incorporate them into your lifestyle. Choose glass instead of plastic because, as say, glass:


Is 100% endlessly recyclable, which means that recycled glass is always part of the recipe for glass
Has the best barrier protection for your products compared to any alternative packaging materials
The more recycled glass is used, the less energy is wasted to create new glass
Glass can reflect and absorb solar energy
Every ton of recycled glass saves 670 kgs of CO2 

3. Glass as functional design

For our Spa product line we chose Miron violet glass because it has even more properties. This kind of glass packaging prevents visible light passing through, with the exception of violet light and the spectral range of UV-A and infrared light. So Miron glass containers preserve their contents by preventing photoaging.  


The violet light that penetrates the glass protects and improves the quality of ingredients, thus lengthening the durability and potency of the products.

And Miron glass in 100% recyclable, but if you think that this packaging is too pretty to toss into the recycling bin, you can recycle or upcycle it. Once you have used up your live+421 products, you can clean and sterilize your container after letting it dry outside in the sun to create a vase, incense holder, candle holders, storage vessels, gift jars… 

Compostable Etiquettes

All of our products use sustainable, compostable self-adhesive labelling materials. Our etiquettes are produced and printed using renewable resources, along with the first certified compostable adhesive in the world, specifically developed for labelling applications. We always try to use materials that leave an ecological footprint as small as possible.

These industrially compostable materials, as well as adhesives, are fully certified according to the European standard EN13432. On top of that they comply with standards for direct food contact (EC1935/2004 & FDA). Our etiquettes aren’t harmful to the environment due to their natural components, but they are not (yet) certified for home composting.

Stainless steel systems

As you can see, our pumps and amenities dispenser systems aren’t made of plastic. We chose to design and develop them using stainless steel 304 and 316. According to the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) and several Stainless Steel Associations around the world, studies show that: 

Stainless steel is a green product and its use reduces carbon footprint
It is 100% recyclable and, as it is not coated with any toxic material, it does not produce toxic run-off
During production, stainless steel uses scrap metal as its primary raw material , with up to 70% of the product coming from recycled material
Despite the very high recyclability properties of stainless steel, in some circumstances this material will find its way into disposal sites. Unlike many other metals in this situation, stainless steel will have no damaging effects on the soil and water
When stainless steel is recycled and melted down, the valuable alloys are able to be extracted and reused with no degradation in performance from product to product
Increased efficiency in technology has also decreased the amount of energy required to manufacture stainless steel
Stainless Steel is the preferred material for green building throughout the world. Its impact on the environment is minimal when compared to other materials
Stainless steel products are designed to have a long life; often spanning over several decades. This long term life generally is the reason for choosing stainless steel in the first place
Working together
High Quality Products

When you decide to use our products or start working with us, you are getting:


  • High quality products for your home, hotel and/or Spa, made with natural ingredients and with Slovak local and unique essences.
  • Seasonality: we use products adapted to each time of the year. Our essences suit each season because Nature is wise and every plant has its own cycle to deliver its properties at the right time.
  • Stainless steel amenities dispenser system and glass packaging.
Initial investment that saves money in the long run thanks to bulk packaging and refillable bottles system that we provide.
Be in accordance with EU regulations about single-use plastic coming into place during the next few years.
Our glass bottles ensures the integrity of the product that they contain. Moreover, our Miron Glass bottles and jars prevent the products from photoaging thanks to their special characteristics. In both cases, all of our packaging cares about aesthetics to be able to be reused, recycled or upcycled.
Responsible Together

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability: as individuals, and as a company, it is our responsibility to act sustainable. Among all the actions that we can take, we have: reduce volumes of waste eliminated or recycled, water minimization, community support, career development…
Make your business the best it can be in the place you are located. Corporate Social Responsibility is “doing the right thing” and going the extra mile beyond legal requirements to reduce negative impacts on the environment and society. It’s about giving something back to positively benefit the environment, the community in which your organization operates and our society as a whole. With our brand you are offering sustainable products and packaging, based on local slovak knowledge and creating social awareness about the plastic waste problem worldwide.

We help you be visible as a sustainable business and market you as such.


You don’t get just a product, you get a high quality sustainable experience package. We deliver our brand to share our knowledge and training with you at your home, Hotel and Spa.


Together we are the change.

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